Andre's adventure in the field of massage/bodywork started after attending a weekend massage  workshop at the 'Centre d'Epanouissement Corporel (CEPC), Ste Foy, Quebec  Andre's astonishment for human  potential, both physically and mentally and self healing power has driven his motivation to  further his knowledge in the field of massage therapy and get  his professional certifiacation in Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage and Touch for Health while attending University, pursuing is education in Human Physiology/Pathology, Anatomy, Biochemistry and Genetic
After moving in Vancouver B.C in 1991, Andre has gained most of his experience while practicing in fitness facilities and it is during that time he came up with Fitma Program ,combining fitness training and  massage/bodywork in a joined effort to promote both,physical and mental performaance
In addition, he never stopped learning on his own, continually researching and advancing his knowledge in the field kinesiology and massage/bodywork. Andre's practice has helped professional dancers, actors, athletes, and physically and mentally challenged people achieve a healthy balance between body and mind.
Andre has a true passion for life and his intention through his work and Fitma Program is to give his clients the desire to achieve more while living fully and in control.