Massage comments

Dear reader,

I had the most fortunate luck to meet Andre Duguay whilst I was living in Vancouver City, Canada. 

I was in need of postural straightening, and relief from muscle tension. 
Andre uses Swedish and Shiatsu massage techniques followed by applied kinesiology in which he can literally stretch out the tension and improve movement of joints. This is followed by some calming reiki, energy flow correction.

I'm back in Australia now and would not hesitate to recommend Andre to any one who's wanting to gain back control, over the body and improve their mental focus and balance. He's also a fantastically motivational, human being. 


Steven Jeays

I’ve known André for more then 10 years and he’s massaged me dozens of times over these years. He’s given me the best massages I’ve gotten in my life. I now live on the East Coast and I really miss his techniques and his plans which are focusing on fitness and relaxation of the body all in one massage. I highly recommend him to anyone who looking for a professional masseur.

Dany Papineau


Movie Producer

I have been treated by André for 6 sessions. I have had other treatments before from chiro, massage therapist, oestheopath and physiotherapist. Andre's treatments have been the most effective and permanent of them all. His techniques are unique, powerful yet gentle. He has created a quantum change in what I believed was possible in healing the body. My problems are physiological due to an accident. His results are real.