Fitma is a concept born from the fusion of Western and Eastern philosophy regarding health, massage/bodywork, and fitness. It's a unique, new approach that focuses on balancing and strengthening the entire body and mind.


The Fitma Program spans 12-weeks and orchestrates massage/bodywork and fitness based on scientific evidence, experience, and logic. It's designed to target body parts in a specific order to obtain its optimum performance.

The client is seen as a whole, an integrated unit of mind, body and spirit.

Fitma takes for account that the body posesses self regulatory mechanisms, having the inherent capacity to defend, repair, and remodel itself.The program sets out to balance and strengthen muscles involved in core stability, joints' mobility/flexibility, and posture. Work is also done to re-balance the energy network within the musculoskeletal system, the internal organ system, and emotional system. Fitma is meant to help the client reach their highest level of performance, enhance stamina, and boost confidence toward any goals.

The foundation of Fitma resides in the proper alignment of the pelvis and the spine in order to maximize the efficiency of the nervous system, vital organs, and to prevent any physiological disturbance due to a biomechanical unbalance. Learn more about how the Fitma Program works.

Fitma Program Benefits

  • Fitma program benefits:
  • Improve and maintain posture
  • Restore and maintain mobility and range of motion
  • Restore muscle balance and flexibility
  • Pelvis and spine alignment
  • Benefits on the nervous system
  • Improve and balance the natural flow of inner energy system
  • Detoxify and strengthen organ system
  • Optimize of organs and immune system
  • Blood circulation, nutrients intake and elimination of waste products
  • Breakdown of holding pattern
  • Increase strength and stamina
  • Emotionally stronger, boost of confidence, positive attitude and general happiness
  • Increase of energy



Both a massage/bodywork and fitness training assessment will be done prior to starting the 12-week program. They're done independently and are compared to design a custom program suitable for you.

Massage/Bodywork Assessment:

  • Physical discomfort, tension and pain
  • Joint mobility and flexibility    
  • Posture
  • Muscle testing
  • Energy flow
  • Stress level

Fitness Training Assessment:

  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Gait: mobility and stability

Throughout the entire program, the massage/bodworker and fitness trainer will continuously monitor your level of progression and adapt your program in order to reach faster results and the highest level of performance.